Celebration Contest Winners List

Congratulations to everyone that participated in our Celebration Contest. Though we only have 10 prizes to award, each of you has joined us in making history in the metaverse, and we truly appreciate your support. We received over 60,000 entries for our contest, and we’re excited to announce the twitter handles of the following 10 people as our winners:

  1. 1st prize of $20k ($10k $REALM, $10k $GMI): @maxinepambrown
  2. 2nd prize of $10k ($5K $REALM, $5K $GMI): @Kumarbaaboo1
  3. 3rd prize of $5k ($2.5K $REALM, $2.5K $GMI): @RikeDieta
  4. 4th prize of $1k ($500 $REALM, $500 $GMI): @MannyRadu
  5. 5th prize of $1k ($500 $REALM, $500 $GMI): @stotskuy
  6. 6th prize of $1k ($500 $REALM, $500 $GMI): @rouxbarbe
  7. 7th prize of $500 ($250 $REALM, $250 $GMI): @goedhart_esther
  8. 8th prize of $500 ($250 $REALM, $250 $GMI): @rahamathnawaz
  9. 9th prize of $500 ($250 $REALM, $250 $GMI): @MPachecoAndrade
  10. 10th prize of $500 ($250 $REALM, $250 $GMI): @mbthedude

All winners have been notified via Twitter DMs, and they had 48 hours to provide us their wallet addresses, so that we could confirm them as winners. If we did not receive their wallet addresses within 48 hours, we reserved the right to select alternate prize winners.

Those of you who weren’t selected still have plenty to be excited about. You’re now a part of the Realm and GamiFi communities, so you’ll be the first to know when our IDOs launch and our platforms go live. This puts you on the ground floor, giving you the chance to join our ecosystems before anyone else. Thanks again for your support of our Celebration Contest, and stay tuned for other great announcements from us soon!



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