FOMO Lab: AMA recap

8 min readSep 23, 2022

If you missed our recent Telegram AMA with Fonzie from FOMO Lab, the full transcript is below.

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Can you tell us more about FomoLab please 😊

Fonzie: Fomo Lab are championing the Web3 revolution by transpiring as the leading intellectual property specialist, Metaverse architectures and futurist creation studio. The project and $FOMO token has gone from an idea to a revolutionary business that has accrued historical moment; through constant innovation, bringing ideas to the space that have and will change the culture forever and partnering with tier 1 traditional “IRL” brands and businesses to assist in their genesis metaverse and NFT activations.

Alongside this Fomo Lab endeavours on bringing together digital creators, decentralised systems and Web3 enthusiasts together; on one unified platform, through the release of the Fomo Lab product ecosystem (which we can touch upon later). The ecosystem includes The Avenue NFT Marketplace, FomoLAUNCH Pad, FomoSTAKE, Fomo Claim Dashboard and other products such as FomoDAO, the FomoVERSE and all related platforms in the space.

The mission for Fomo Lab is bringing NFTs the masses; and we are doing with triumphant effort!

What products are in the Fomo Lab product ecosystem?

Fonzie: We have a whole DeFi / NFT / Web3 ecosystem we are currently creating and launching imminently — let me provide a high level overview of some of the main products✌️

The Fomo Lab product ecosystem includes:

The Avenue NFT marketplace:

This is Fomo Lab dual-chain NFT marketplace… with a twist

We understand the future is social and will be enhanced with the previous iterations of the space. The Avenue, alongside all other features seen in NFT marketplaces, will allow users to create their own social account and interact with their favourite NFTs via the comment and like functionality. Bringing together the best features of the Web2 social media channels as well as Web3 NFT marketplaces.

The Avenue wants to ensure NFTs are brought to the masses; this will also be done by giving control to users on the platform fully control to view, interact, buy, sell and bid upon their and other NFTs/Digital collectables.

FomoLAUNCH pad platform:

The Fomo Lab Launchpad will allow for crypto / NFT / GameFi / DeFi / Metaverse projects to proceed with their IDOs (this will be released projects native on ETH Mainnet), the purpose of the Launchpad is like others; it will allow projects to gain new eyes, raise appropriate funds and have fully control over their launch strategy.

FomoSTAKE dApp:

Will enable holders of the $FOMO token to stake both $FOMO and $FOMO LP tokens to earn passive $FOMO tokens in relation to the lock-up period and APR of the staking pool in which the holder participates… you can earn up to 32.4% APR on your stake $FOMO

Fomo Claim Dashboard:

This will allow users to claim Seed & Private tokens along with holders of the BSC / FOMO token to easily claim their available $FOMO tokens.


we are currently working on the intricacies of the FomoDAO — the platform will provide $FOMO token holders and MetaKEY holders a way to express their opinion and present their ideas for Fomo Lab projects

As well as the above, Fomo Lab are also building their metaverse platform, namely “FomoVERSE” with accompanying platforms such as FomoGALLERY, FomoGAMES and many others.

Hope that is comprehensive enough to give everyone an understanding the product Fomo Lab ecosystem!🛠

When are the products being released?

Great question, we are releasing the majority of our product ecosystem next week — the 28th of September! (I’d suggest noting down this date in your diaries!)

We have just released a community deck which encompasses all the key dates and product overviews, if you haven’t already, you can read the community update via Fomo Lab’s Discord or Telegram channels (either in the pinned messages or announcement section).

To provide a cursory overview of release dates:

$FOMO IDO (currently happening on the GamiFi platform and will be proceeding on another partner launchpad platform on the 28th of September)

FOMO TGE — 28th September 2022 at 3PM UTC

FomoLAUNCH & FomoSTAKE- 28th September 2022

$FOMO Claim Dashboard — 28th September 2022 (claim opens 2 hours after TGE)

Relaunch of Website — 26th September 2022 V3–28th September 2022

I hope that provides clarity over what and when the Fomo Lab product ecosystem will go live!

Can you tell us more about what’s gonna happen during the Fomo TGE?

You will be able to purchase and claim the $FOMO token on our partner launchpads IDO platforms, claim them via the Fomo Claim Dashboard (if you are an investor in the Seed / Private round or are engaging with a token swap) and/or if via UniSwap (which Fomo Lab will be releasing a medium article for).

What partnerships have Fomo Lab established?

In just a year and a half of live operations, Fomo Lab have established itself as the bridge between the Web2 and Web3 space…

This is seen through the partnerships formulated ranging from: Banijay Group the Mr Bean Brand to Tyson Fury and Mark Cavendish.

With Fomo Lab’s mission to bring NFTs to the masses, we want to do so by bringing tier 1 “IRL” brands into the Web3 space and assisting in the successful launch of their genesis NFT collection(s) and/or their metaverse builds.

Other partnerships Fomo Lab have made include (most defo limited to):

Middle East Film and Comic Con

Roland Berger

Crypto Oasis

Velas Chain

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

… and others that you couldn’t (or could) believe, but are unable to publicise due to being under NDAs!

What experience does the team at Fomo Lab have?

There are 4 co-founders / c-level executives (Pixasso — CEO, Zen0x — CVO, Khalil Kassam — CBO and @BlankSea — COO)

We have a core team of 5 full-time (including myself — spanning from Head of Marketing to Community and Graphics Lead), 3 advisors as well as a 20+ blockchain tech team🫂

I love answering this question, just due to the anonymity in the space. It provides a chance for users to understand the team behind the project, what they have worked on before entering the Web3 space and also how they have advanced their skill set to accommodate and thrive in the Web3 space.

With Fomo Lab, the skillset held ranges from Banking to Technology Development as well as Project/Product Management, Wealth Management, establishing partnerships, logistics and 3D design; you can say that the team have an eclectic range of experience alongside being NFT maximalist and Web3 enthusiasts✌️

What NFTs collection have Fomo Lab done? How have they been revolutionary in space?

As you can tell, we have access and have partnered with some amazing and world-leading IP partners🌍

With this being said, our most recent NFT collection collaboration was brought to market in collaboration with the official Mr Bean brand. The genesis NFT collection was one of the first NFT / Metaverse collections for the Banijay Group and the Mr Bean brand creating 2,222 unique NFTs of Mr Bean’s whimsical life

The collection from a creation perspective was so much fun to create with the team at Tiger Aspect, Banijay and Mr Bean team. This will be one of the first collaborative NFT collections seen with both the Mr Bean brand as well as the brands that are held by the Banijay Group.

Alongside this Fomo Lab have innovated by bringing music IP integrated into NFTs (seen through the PVLACE 808 Mafia NFT collection), creating one of the most valuable sporting NFTs in history and blending the digital and physical world by creating NFTs such as the Tyson Fury NFT, or through NFTs that represent IRL (in real life) ownership like auctioning the first-ever German-engineered sports car on the blockchain with the limited edition Porsche 911.

We have always been ahead of the curve and will constantly innovate through new alpha and industry sentiment ⬆️

What separates Fomo Lab from their competitors?

Fomo Lab is a full multi-layer ecosystem which encourages the use of the $FOMO token in a number of ways and in a circular manner which allows for rewards and generated fees (from both NFT collections and through the product ecosystem) to be used back into the ecosystem.

Many projects lack either (or all) technology, utility or actual global appeal, this is where Fomo Lab have the competitive advantage of not only building but a successful track record of partnerships, NFT collections and technology builds. With previous achievements include:

- Breaking previous records on the BSC Starter platform (now known as by becoming the fastest IDO to sell out on the platform, selling out within the 9 minutes from the initial launch of the token

- Over 50x in the months proceeding the original TGE

- $100mln+ in overall transactional value on the BSC network

- Collaborated with Tyson Fury and Goldstar Promotion establishing Fomo Lab as the platform selling the most expensive NFT in the boxing sport for $987,000 — this was Tyson Fury’s first step into the Web3 space and the buyer of the NFT was presented with digital asset and a physical 5x5 painting

Integrating music IP into NFTs in “For The Culture” NFT collection brought to market through Fomo Lab’s partnership with PVLACE of 808 Mafia.

What will be different about The Avenue Marketplace?

The Avenue sees the importance of implementing both fundamental aspects from Web2 social media channels and Web3 NFT marketplaces… how we’re capturing market share from our competitors as well as differentiating from our competitors is by leveraging Web3 social.

The Avenue will have all the features seen on NFT marketplaces with the integration of the ability to STAKE your NFTs and also able to comment on your favourite NFTs on The Avenue platform; we want users to have full control over their digital collectables and present a “one-shop-stop” the web3 community that collect and trade their NFTs.

In regards to the updated UX and UI of The Avenue, the Fomo Lab team have been upgrading the site to the user experience is as seamless as possible; users will be able to buy, sell and bid on different NFTs and NFT collection, view the sales history of NFT collections, stake your NFTs in a staking pool, customise your profile to make the space your own, comment and like on your favourite NFTs and many other features.

We want to ensure the masses are appeased with The Avenue as that their onboarding into the Web3 / NFT space is fun!

What is the future vision of Fomo Lab?

The future vision for Fomo Lab will always encompass bringing NFTs to the masses..

With single percentile adoption for Web3 globally, we still have alot of work to do but with the collaborative efforts within our partner ecosystem, products as well as stand-alone Fomo Lab endeavours, we are looking to catalyse Fomo Lab as a household name!

We have an abundance of different products relating to the Web3, Metaverse and NFTs yet to be released — and we want the Web3 community on board

What’s the best way to get in contact with FOMO Lab?

We defo want the GamiFi community to keep up to date with all things Fomo Lab

You can follow all our updates:






Website — which will be released next week!

The Avenue Marketplace — which will be relaunching on the 28th of September

Great! Thank you for sharing these great updates with our community.




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