GamiFi IDO Spotlight: Shibafriend NFT Metaverse

This week, we wanted to shine the spotlight on Shibafriend NFT, the latest IDO to hit the GamiFi launchpad. Shibafriend NFT is an NFT metaverse collection that has a distinct focus on sports and popular culture. Featuring GameFi games like Shiba Music Beat and the upcoming Shiba Football game, as well as an NFT marketplace and NFT DeFi capabilities, Shibafriend has something to offer everyone. The Shibafriend NFT whitelist opened last week on GamiFi and you can see if you were lucky enough to make the whitelist by checking here. Funding closes today, June 17, at 11am BST.

The tokenomics for Shibafriends will be based around two tokens. The first token, DIAMOND, will be the in-game token and can be utilised by users for in-game purchases as well as earned in-game for winning games in the Shibafriend metaverse. Withdrawing DIAMOND from the platform to a user wallet will incur a withdrawal fee, which is required to be paid in the project token, SHF. SHF is the token that is being raised for in the launchpad, with an initial price of $0.0054. Furthermore, there will be a decentralised exchange transaction tax on DIAMOND of 50%, of which 40% will go to DIAMOND token holders, while the other 10% will be burnt. After three months, this transaction tax will be reduced to 20%, with the end goal to encourage long term thinking among holders and to accrue value back to the token.

Tokenomics and IDO aside, there are many reasons to get excited about Shibafriend. Shiabfriend is incubated by HYPE Sports Innovation, a global sports tech arena with over 100 top sports brands, clubs and federations. You will have the opportunity to own a Shiba NFT wearing your favourite sports jersey, while playing the aforementioned football game, and there are plans for a Shiba World Cup (in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup 2022). The dedication to popular culture — specifically the adorable Shiba Inu — has given Shibafriend NFT a whopping 7,400,000 followers on Coingecko, indicating the sheer volume of interest for a Shiba-based metaverse. Building on top of that popular culture awareness is, a social network for pets that will allow users to connect and share photos and videos, along with form ShibaDAOs. Shibafriend NFT DeFi will enable users to trade European style options with 1-month expiry and to borrow against the value of their NFTs. The Shibafriend NFT metaverse will allow users to interact with each other in a shared digital space that features NFT pet, land and building ownership, as well as the ability to place logos and advertisements on the buildings that you own. There’s huge plans for expanding the breadth of the Shibafriend metaverse over the next five years.

We are super excited about the Shibafriend NFT Metaverse and the upcoming IDO and we hope you are too! From the products they currently offer to the proposed expansions and roadmap, Shibafriend NFT is an ambitious project with an inclusionary and fun environment that all can enjoy. If you managed to land a spot on the whitelist, make sure you don’t miss out on participating in funding before the deadline at 11am BST today.

Last but not least, make sure to follow us on all of our socials so you don’t miss out on any updates as we continue to GamiFi everything!



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