GamiFi Mystery Box NFTs

Nowadays, it can be easy to feel downtrodden by what seems like a constant stream of negative news surrounding the crypto space and the wider economy. Fret not, as we have something that is sure to turn that frown upside down. We are extremely excited to announce our upcoming GamiFi Mystery Box NFTs, launching in July! With only 1000 mystery boxes available and unique cryptoeconomic mechanisms for staking, you won’t want to miss out on these.

GamiFi Mystery Box NFTs will be mintable for the price of 25,000 GMI tokens. This price tag will actually be matched by GamiFi and then sent to a burn address — so for every NFT minted, 50,000 GMI will be directly and permanently removed from the supply. Pretty cool! Mystery Box NFTs not only contain NFTs inside them but are also NFTs themselves. Users will be able to purchase as many Mystery Box NFTs as they would like, up until all 500 have been sold and 25,000,000 GMI has been burned, or until they are removed from the market.

After purchase, each Mystery Box can then be opened to reveal the prize inside. There is a 5% chance of getting a General Duke NFT (the rarest), a 20% chance of getting a Lieutenant Lyra NFT and a 75% chance of getting a Private Griffin NFT (most common) on a total of 500 NFTs. Now that you understand the dynamics behind the distribution, let’s find out more about the tokenomics.

To commemorate the release of our Mystery Box NFTs, a new staking page will be created that is distinct from the pools that already exist. These new pools will be exclusive to Mystery Box NFT holders, with a distinct pool for each of the three NFTs. Once you have found the corresponding pool that matches your NFT, you can stake GMI tokens to earn more GMI without having to lock up your NFT. That’s right, the presence of your NFT in your wallet is required in order to stake in the pool, but instead of having to stake your NFT on top of that, you simply need to hold it in your wallet. Pretty cool! Each pool will have a duration of nine months, with the start and end dates determined by when each individual user starts their stake. Users can only unstake after the 9 months is over, with rewards distributed linearly over that time. Once users claim their stake, there is a 24-hour cool off period before the stake can be claimed to a user’s wallet. The maximum amount of GMI that a user can stake will be determined by the amount of NFTs owned for that given pool.

We hope you are as excited by our Mystery Box NFTs and their unique features as we are! We are committed to continue building and shipping new features on our mission to GamiFi everything. Be sure to follow our socials to make sure you don’t miss out on any important updates.



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