GamiFi + REALM Team Up!

GamiFi + REALM Team Up

GamiFi, the upcoming Gaming and Gamification Launchpad, and Realm, the mobile first metaverse where anyone can build the world of their dreams, have entered into a strategic partnership. To celebrate this collaboration, they’re thrilled to announce a $40,000 USD Celebration Contest.

Realm and GamiFi will foster a strategic collaboration around metaverses, AR, and NFT integrations. GamiFi will build a Realm for their community members and launched projects to utilize. Realm will open its doors to the games, NFTs and projects that launch on GameFi, by supporting them to quickly create Realms.

‘This partnership between GamiFi and REALM and the corresponding Celebration Contest gets the burgeoning GamiFi community and the mature REALM community together around common interests like metaverses, NFTs, and Gamification — all win-win for BOTH of our communities. Excited to see what’s next!’ — Laura Walsh, CEO for GamiFi

Realm is a mobile-first, play-to-earn, social impact-driven Metaverse, powered by its own cryptocurrency, $REALM. Realm is where you can build a better world, develop and own real estate, build and sell assets, compete to earn prizes and rewards, and meet like minds. It’s easy to start, and anyone can build their own unique world for free. In Realm, you can create unique and customizable virtual ecosystems filled with NFTs, own genetically encoded living NFT pets, travel between realms via augmented reality (AR), mint collectible NFTix to host exclusive exhibitions, and use live audio streaming to connect with friends and fans. We are excited to be working with GamiFi and looking forward to a bright and beautiful future filled with what we will create together.

“Realm is excited to be partnering with GamiFi who will be bringing a steady stream of new games and projects into our ecosystem. The world of blockchain gaming is growing rapidly, and we look forward to supporting the development of many new projects who are excited to build on Realm’s one of a kind Metaverse platform” — Matthew Larby, CEO of Realm

About GamiFi

At GamiFi we believe that Blockchain enabled games are not only the next big thing, but the intersection of different aspects of the crypto ecosystem. NFTs, the Metaverse, and in-game assets are just scratching the surface of what blockchain and gaming can achieve together.

GamiFi is here to help launch these projects to the world by specialising in IDO’s for gaming projects.

GamiFi — the Gamified IDO launchpad — optimised for blockchain based games.
GamiFi Everything.

About Realm

Realm is a mobile-first, play-to-earn, social impact driven Metaverse that allows gamers, players and artists to create their own personalized NFT microverse. Creators can bring unique music, art, and games into their realms. Whole living worlds can be minted as an ERC-1155 NFT and traded on the OpenSea Marketplace. Alternatively, players can discover, trade, collect and view NFTs in the environments and experiences their creators imagined. For more about Realm’s exciting stature take a 10 min read here.

For GamiFi’s social links please visit here, and for REALM’s social links please visit here.

Don’t forget to follow our socials closely for updates and announcements.

Best of luck in our Celebration Contest! (Contest Details to Follow)



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