GamiFi x REALM’s Celebration Contest

In celebration of GamiFi and Realm’s recent partnership announcement, we’d like to announce our Celebration Contest.

We have a $40,000 USD prize pot for you to win, split between $REALM and $GMI tokens!

The contest runs from January 13th 9:00am EST and ends on January 17th 12:00 pm EST via a GLEAM campaign, so please follow the instructions carefully, and visit the campaign page:

The Celebration Contest

The Celebration Contest has a total prize pot of $40,000 USD worth of both $REALM and $GMI tokens. This contest will be via GLEAM campaign and will have several steps. *In order to qualify you MUST complete all steps*

  1. Join the REALM and GamiFi Telegram groups.REALM and GamiFi *YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF BOTH TO WIN*
  2. Like & follow the GamiFi and REALM Twitter accounts and Tag 5 friends.
  3. Retweet our contest announcement.
  4. Join the GamiFi and REALM Discord Servers.
  5. Subscribe to the GamiFi YouTube channel.
  6. Subscribe to the Realm YouTube channel
  7. Tweet “Are you ready for the metaverse? #Enter_Realm and join the #GMIArmy!”
  8. Follow Realm’s Instagram
  9. Join Realm’s Reddit Group

Prizes are as follows: all amounts in USD

1st prize: $20k — $10k $REALM $10k $GMI

2nd prize: $10k —$ 5K $REALM $5K $GMI

3rd prize: $5k — $2.5K $REALM $2.5K $GMI

4th prize: $1k — $500 $REALM $500 $GMI

5th prize: $1k — $500 $REALM $500 $GMI

6th prize: $1k — $500 $REALM $500 $GMI

7th prize: $500–$250 $REALM $250 $GMI

8th prize: $500–$250 $REALM $250 $GMI

9th prize: $500–$250 $REALM $250 $GMI

10th prize:$500–$250 $REALM $250 $GMI

*Disclaimer: token price will be calculated on the day of prize distribution*

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