GamiFi’s NFT Membership Introduction

Hello everyone out there in the Blockchain Gaming Universe! We’re GamiFi, the dynamic, gamified new blockchain based gaming IDO platform on the block.

One of the unique selling points of GamiFi will be it’s NFT ‘golden ticket’ memberships. By buying one of GamiFi’s NFTs, you will be gettingwhitelisting access for three IDO’s on the platform (represented as ‘lives’) or three months, whichever comes first. Once these NFTs are done with their lives or time period, they will no longer be useable on the GamiFi platform.

These exciting NFT collections will be based around everything to do with video games and we are happy to be able to disclose that our first series will be based on RPG characters. What we will be releasing:

Paladin — our heroic, upstanding, knight of the realm.

Warrior (Assasin) — the cloaked and hooded fighter in the dark that could end your existence — .

Cleric usually a spiritual practitioner who has a knack for healing.

Mage — a magic user, watch out for their spells and potions, essential on an epic quest.

We will also have companions for these Questers, but they’re going to be revealed at a later date!

Every three months, we’ll mint a new collection with new characters, a new theme, giving new members of the community the chance to use our NFTs on the GamiFi platform.

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All of our pertinent links are here: come grow with us and



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