IDO Spotlight: FOMO Lab

Before covering our upcoming IDO for P&E (Play and Earn) gaming experience code-named Battle Chain, we want to shine the spotlight on the stellar development team behind it all: FOMO Lab. FOMO Lab is a diverse team of builders and thinkers who have taken a unique approach to NFTs and the metaverse, accumulating a large amount of intellectual property (IP) collaborations — ranging from Mr. Bean to professional boxing. FOMO Lab has big ambitions and a number of projects already under their belt or currently in progress that will come together to create a cohesive ecosystem of interconnected applications. It’s for these reasons and many more that we believe FOMO Lab is a great fit for the GamiFi launchpad.

For those of you salivating over the IDO itself, we totally understand, and we will briefly highlight that first. Battle Chain is the code name for the upcoming P&E game from FOMO Lab that will participate in the IDO. Battle Chain will run on the Unreal engine and feature characters from FOMO Lab IP Partners and their own accompanying in-game assets in the form of NFTs, namely iAvatars. While details are still sparse and the game is still in development, the self-described “Fortnite of the blockchain” will feature battle royale game modes, as well as the ability to wager on matches. This is in contrast to earning static rewards, as you tend to see in the traditional P2E model, rather than P&E. Given the $3.7B that free-to-play Fortnite generated in 2018, the potent combination of asset ownership for players and the ability to place wagers in Battle Chain is likely to drive attention from crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike. You can put your money where your mouth is, while putting your skills to the test.

The FOMO Lab ecosystem will feature a number of different products, including: The Avenue, a multichain NFT marketplace and social account; FOMOLAUNCH Pad, a launchpad for early stage projects; FOMOSTAKE, a multichain staking application for the native $FOMO token; FOMOVOTE, the governance platform that allows community members to vote on different projects from FOMO Lab; FOMOVERSE, a metaverse platform that will bring photorealistic graphics to the metaverse as well as IP partnerships to revolutionise the way users interact with brands; and finally FomoGAMES, the arm that is currently developing Battle Chain. As you’ll no doubt agree, there’s a lot going on here! We don’t have time to cover it all but the main takeaway is that FOMO Lab knows how to build an interconnected ecosystem, making use of the native $FOMO token inside of a circular economy to drive value for the community and heighten the experience for players.

FOMO Lab is currently hard at work overhauling parts of their ecosystem, including renovating their website to more effectively convey the “real life impact” of their work. Furthermore, on April 1, 2022, FOMO token contract has been paused and is going through a migration to the Ethereum mainnet — with the intention of unifying the multi-chain ecosystem across all chains and to bolster the singular token economy.

FOMO Lab is getting ready to GamiFi Everything and so are we! You can read more details about the upcoming IDO and make sure to follow both FOMO Lab and GamiFi on social media.



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