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Have you been following along as GamiFi goes through its first round of top-tier blockchain gaming IDOs? If so, you have probably heard about our most recent IDO, Time Raiders. Time Raiders is a fast-paced shoot and loot play-to-earn NFT game. Breaking the mould of the typical play-to-earn browser game that players wouldn’t want to play without incentives, Time Raiders comes from an extremely talented game development studio with years of experience and multiple titles under their belt — all before they decided to take the deep dive into blockchain based gaming. Utopian Game Labs know how to design a game. In this article, we will outline why Time Raiders is such a compelling game and a great fit for the #GMIArmy.

The Time Raiders team is currently right in the middle of their roadmap, the IDO phase, and they have just concluded successful IDOs on both GamiFi and Enjinstarter — with a listing on Quickswap on March 18. In Q3 2022, after some more building and testing, the team will look to ship a multiplayer beta experience to the public for both Co-Op and PvE game modes. After polishing up this beta experience, the team is aiming to implement something truly innovative in a play-to-earn game: player-designed and generated levels and NFTs! That’s right, users will be able to design and interact with their own unique content inside of the game.

Roadmaps are great and all, but what about the game itself? The Time Raiders story starts with the discovery of a “glowing, shifting mass” between cyberpunk cities and unregulated wildlands in the year 2247. After reaching the mysterious mass, the discoverers are swallowed into a space between worlds. Players will travel through time to defeat enemies and take their resources back to their own timeline in order to craft new items which can later be sold or used to power up characters and weapons. Naturally, all in-game assets come in the form of NFTs — including Spitfires, T-Rex Eggs, Air Strikes, Submarines, Game Skins and much, much, more.

Having all in-game assets represented as NFTs means that all of these items can be traded or staked to earn Xpendium, the native token for Time Raiders, which users can also earn by playing the game. Speaking of Xpendium, the coin will have numerous utilities and benefits within the ecosystem. In the game it can be used to buy items, upgrade weapons, upgrade characters, upgrade companions, and of course it can be staked to earn more Xpendium. Users can also use Xpendium as a medium of exchange for transacting the produce from factories on the “Black Market”, as well as purchase it on an exchange if they want to level up their gaming experience more quickly.

Can’t wait to hop to another timeline? Travel into the GamiFi Medium and the Time Raiders website to learn more and stay up to date!



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