Metaverse Spotlight: NFT Worlds

Last, but certainly not least in our mini-series about metaverse platforms, is NFT Worlds. NFT Worlds is a collection of 10,000 unique worlds that comprise a massively multiplayer metaverse gaming experience. NFT Worlds has a decentralisation and multi-platform vision that the team has used Minecraft to realise due to its thriving open source ecosystem, customisability, and cross-platform compatibility. Featuring play-to-earn mechanics and a multitude of different game modes to choose from at the time of writing, NFT Worlds is a shining example of how adding blockchain-based ownership can serve to further enrich gaming experiences — even if these experiences weren’t originally developed with blockchain in mind.

NFT Worlds is, naturally, based on NFTs. Ownership of each individual world within NFT Worlds comes in the form of an ERC-721 NFT. However, unlike profile picture NFTs, how the NFT actually looks within the metaverse actually depends on how each holder customises it. Owning one of these NFTs grants each owner access to the NFT Worlds ecosystem, with the ability to customise each world with familiar Minecraft editing tools and create immersive experiences for those in the metaverse. NFT owners can also stake their worlds in order to earn $WRLD tokens, the means of native value transfer for the platform, as well as rent out their world for somebody else to build on in exchange for monthly payments of $WRLD and a security deposit that is automatically dispersed to the owner if payment is not made.

Why would somebody rent your NFT? Because renting a world gives the renter access to the same customisation options as if they owned it — including the ability to generate $WRLD from user interactions within the world. $WRLD isn’t just your average in-game token, either. $WRLD features gasless transactions that deduct the equivalent gas fees from a user’s token balance, rather than in the native gas token. This frees NFT Worlds players from being required to make an outside investment just to play the game or move their earnings around.

NFT Worlds gameplay varies significantly based on which world you enter, with a large variety of different games and worlds currently available to explore. Worlds that are currently eligible for $WRLD rewards include: NFT Worlds SMP (the official test world), MineNations (a fast-paced PVP battle game), The Mothership (fast-paced FPS), Los Muertos World (metaverse), CryptoDads (minigames), Frensville (open world/exploration), Pixel Wars (factions battles), Fusemon World (MMO), and many, many more to come! If you are a purveyor of all things metaverse, as we are, you may have noticed some familiar names in that list. That’s because NFT Worlds supports other projects building on top of it, right out of the box. They currently have over 100 existing NFT communities building on the platform. NFT Worlds even has portals in-game that connect different worlds, enabling a seamless cross-metaverse experience — in contrast to the many walled gardens that currently exist.

At the end of the day, NFT Worlds just makes sense. If you were already an avid Minecraft player, whether that be on PC, Mac, Linux, or console, adding play-to-earn mechanics serves to further enrich the user experience and reward players for their time. Conversely, if you are new to the metaverse and in general want to explore what it has to offer, NFT Worlds serves as a low barrier of entry into a thriving metaverse. With the dedication to open source development and servers, NFT Worlds is a great example of what is possible if more developers embrace the ethos of cryptocurrency and decentralisation, rather than a corporate metaverse. Whether you are a Minecraft enthusiast, developer, metaverse connoisseur, or are just starting your journey down the rabbit hole, NFT Worlds has something to offer you.

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