Metaverse Spotlight: The Sandbox

With the constant stream of interest (and investment) flowing into the metaverse space, it is often difficult to understand how each metaverse project might differ from the others. That’s why this week we are taking time to put the spotlight on The Sandbox, a top-tier metaverse platform with many unique features.

Starting off with the basics, The Sandbox has two types of in-metaverse assets: SAND and LAND. SAND is an ERC-20 token that serves as the native utility token for the platform, enabling governance, value transfers and staking. LAND, which are ERC-721 NFTs rather than ERC-20 tokens, are unique digital assets that represent individual parcels of land in the Sandbox metaverse. There will only ever be 166,464 LAND, while adjacent pieces of land can be combined to form an ESTATE. Each parcel of land can be customised and decorated to the users’ liking to host games, build multiplayer experiences or offer special social experiences to participants — just like in the real world! Although this is great, the truth is that basic in-metaverse asset tokenomics are not necessarily where The Sandbox differentiates itself from the competition.

Enter VoxEdit and GameMaker, two core components of The Sandbox ecosystem that make it what it is. VoxEdit is a program developed specifically for The Sandbox that allows users who have become an “artist” via the Creator Fund to design and export their own unique NFTs for use in the game, either by themself or by other players. That’s right: actual users create the in-metaverse items that are used to decorate LAND and create unique digital experiences, all while simultaneously making sure that the game never feels stagnant through these continuous updates. Similarly, GameMaker allows any artist to build 3D, in-metaverse games that incorporate the voxel models that artists create with VoxEdit. Both VoxEdit and GameMaker are extremely intuitive to use for artists of all skill sets: they are no-code tools that make use of visual scripting. No knowledge of coding or the blockchain are required to use them!

The Sandbox is, of course, a play-to-earn experience; players can participate in games in order to win SAND rewards that can be used to upgrade their experience on the platform, staked or sold. However, the ability to earn from participating does not stop with the gameplay. Builders are rewarded too, with monetisation for GameMakers built in from the get-go. VoxEdit artists also earn from participating in the growth of the platform every time their artwork is purchased to be used by a player. Users take home the majority of the SAND that they generated, with the leftover SAND distributed to the Sandbox Foundation to fund future game development and grants. Taking these factors into consideration, it makes a lot of sense why The Sandbox has garnered so much popularity and support!

So, now that we know how The Sandbox works in the background, what does it feel like to actually play it? While the game is currently in Alpha, users are required to obtain an Alpha Pass before they are allowed to participate. This will change in subsequent releases. With an Alpha Pass in their wallet, users can download and install The Sandbox game files from the website. No browser-based games here! Once inside the game, players are met with a beautiful pixel art world that frankly doesn’t look too dissimilar from the most recent Lego Star Wars game. Players can decide to participate in quests, join factions and much, much more! We don’t want to ruin any surprises. Go and explore!

If you’re looking to explore the latest in metaverse, play to earn and blockchain gaming, keep a close eye on as we continue in our quest to GamiFi Everything!




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*The* next-gen crowdfunding platform optomised for Gamers and blockchain-enabled and enhanced games.

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