Neo Tokyo: The Mysterious Metaverse

3 min readMar 24, 2022

The Neo Tokyo Metaverse is an elusive yet hugely popular NFT project made in the image of the cult classic anime science fiction film of the same name. Released in 1987, Neo Tokyo has a unique film-within-a-film structure, and contains three masterfully produced short stories, all with different screenwriters and film directors. Neo Tokyo was a landmark film that displayed what is possible for the genre. So, too, is the Neo Tokyo Metaverse. In this article we will cover the basics of Neo Tokyo and why it is deserving of all the hype.

The Neo Tokyo Metaverse is of course built around NFTs and ownership of in-game assets, and in this case, those in-game assets come in many different flavours. The first, Neo Tokyo Identities, has a floor price as of writing of 12.5 ETH, so clearly there has been extremely high demand for these free-to-mint-for-whitelist NFTs — so, what is causing it?

First, there was the mint itself — it was shrouded in mystery and allure. Whitelist members first had to decipher a riddle within 10 minutes before they were able to mint. Neo Tokyo Identities present themselves visually as lines of code but what they actually contain is much more complex, as they are the basis of each metaverse character to be built upon with other NFTs from the Neo Tokyo Metaverse. After minting, ID holders then played a minigame called Kong Climb in order to determine the attributes of their second NFT — the Neo Tokyo Vault Card. This functions similarly to bank accounts within the game, containing the in-game currency BYTES.

Vault holders then played a second minigame in order to determine the attributes of their final in-game item, the Item Cache, containing clothing, automobiles and weapons. Those users who held all three of these NFTs could then mint a fourth, called Land Deeds, containing a parcel of land within the Neo Tokyo Metaverse.

Additionally, it is important to note that there are Season 1 and Season 2 variants of these NFTs, with Season 1 holders heavily incentivized to participate in Season 2. In order to mint a Season 2 NFT from the whitelist (filled within minutes), users had to burn BYTES, where an increased number of BYTES burned correlated to increased rarity. With the total notional value of the burn surpassing $30M USD and the rest of Season 2 yet to be released, users are chomping at the bit for more exposure to the Neo Tokyo Metaverse.

Of course, any piece about Neo Tokyo would be remiss not to mention the Meta Tournament. The Meta Tournament is a high-profile gaming tournament for metaverse-native players hosted by Neo Tokyo, in partnership with Twitch TV. Round 1 of the Meta Tournament featured Crab Game, a spinoff of the popular streaming series Squid Game. Round 2 was a PUBG tournament held from February 4th-8th that was limited to 5,000 Neo Tokyo Citizens S2 holders, all competing for a $100,000 prize. There have not been any details surrounding Season 3 of the Meta Tournament but it is highly anticipated by players and spectators alike.

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