New Staking Pool Open

We promised the new staking pools and here they are. The three new pools are open now for *deposits.*. Rewards will start accruing from 2pm BST time.

To refresh your memory, the new pools are as follows:

RPG NFT Holders Staking Pool:
— duration: 30 days
— APY: 225%
— Max stake amount: 1,000,000 GMI

Staking 60d:
— duration: 60 days
— APY: 150%
— Max stake amount: 6,000,000 GMI

Staking 90d:
— duration: 90 days
— APY: 175%
— Max stake amount: 3,400,000 GMI

Link to the pools:

Our current 90 day pool will conclude at approximately 12:30pm GMT

Please note this is not financial advice and any and all decisions on ivestments are taken at one’s own risk.



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