New Staking Pools Launch

Hey #GMIArmy — we have some fresh new staking pools launching today for you.

We are acutely aware in this bear market that projects have delayed launching, and as such, it has affected our ability to keep bringing you IDOs as frequently as we would like. Luckily, that seems to be abating now, and we are seeing more and more projects apply to launch on GamiFi. We look forward to sharing more and more IDOs coming onto the platform very soon.

In the interim, we know that the NFT golden tickets were to be used for 3 IDOs or 3 months, and that we have only completed 2, so to ensure utility for the first series, we’ve extended the validity of the NFTs AND created a NFT holder ONLY staking pool.

These Staking pools will start today, May 4th at approximately 2pm BST. The details of these pools are as follows:

RPG NFT Holders Staking Pool:
— duration: 30 days
— APY: 225%
— Max stake amount: 1,000,000 GMI

Staking 60d:
— duration: 60 days
— APY: 150%
— Max stake amount: 6,000,000 GMI

Staking 90d:
— duration: 90 days
— APY: 175%
— Max stake amount: 3,400,000 GMI

We will make an additional announcement closer to opening time with the link to the pools. Keep your eyes glued to our announcement channels!

Please note, this is not financial advise and any and all investment decisions are the sole responsibility of the investor.



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