Ultimate Fighters Collection — GamiFi’s Second NFT series

Today we are extremely pleased to introduce you to our second GamiFi NFT collection. Featuring a collection of 10 fighters styled in a mashup between Street Fighter and Fortnite, our second edition NFT release is an aesthetic mix of hardcore 80s and modern style. These 10 fighters will compete in the ‘Ultimate Tournament’ — a shadowy, but famous international underground fighting tournament. Winning the ‘Ultimate Tournament’ brings a LOT of money and street cred. It can completely change — or destroy lives.
Dying to see them but missed the sneak peek? Take a look here!

Now, without further ado, let’s introduce the contenders:

  • Todd: an American GI with big muscles and a bigger attitude. While serving in the Gulf War, Todd was served a dishonourable discharge for disobeying a direct order and this has haunted him ever since. Unable to keep a long term job, Todd turned to his childhood hobby: boxing. He will compete in the Ultimate Tournament for the honour and, of course, prize money.
  • Mandy: a former American gymnastic champion who was the top of her sport at university until a terrible fall broke her spine. Having to give up gymnastics and subsequently dropping out of school because she lost her athletic scholarship, Mandy hopes that her unique athletic ability will help her win the Ultimate Tournament and restore her glory.
  • Arthur: a well-dressed British ex-spy and MI6 agent with contacts still at “the firm”. An ace marksman and skilled in all manners of hand-to-hand combat, Arthur’s fighting style is all about gadgets and weapons. After a mysterious departure from MI6 — that he’d rather not discuss — Arthur now wants to win the Ultimate Tournament for Queen and Country.
  • Kaem: a farmer girl in her late teens who supported her family in Southeast Asia — that is, before her entire village was razed to the ground by American bombing in the region. Kaem would practise martial arts every day after her farm work with her beloved grandmother, and now with her family gone and her ire raised, she is looking for revenge — especially against Americans. Kaem wants to win the Ultimate Tournament and settle the score.
  • Robin: a chaotic adolescent extra-terrestrial with glowing skin and a funky hairdo, Robin has built a viewing device to watch sitcoms from Earth. As such, Robin tends to impersonate the prototypical “suburban teen”. Learned about the Ultimate Tournament and thought it sounded like fun. Plans to use alien technology in a bid to ensure victory!
  • Leif: a young mythic Viking warrior looking to make his mark. Without any worthy opponents on Asgard, Leif sneaks away to Midgard (Earth) to achieve fame and glory as the winner of the Ultimate Tournament. Fighting with a giant axe and a sword, Leif can take on all challengers — except maybe for Freydis, who he is hiding from.
  • Freydis: a fierce and fearsome mythic Valkyrie from Valhalla. She came toMidgard to follow the warrior Leif, who fled Asgard to prove himself in battle. Freydis must either bring Leif back to his rightful place in Asgard, or stick around and see if the defeated warriors are worthy of being taken back to Valhalla to fight with Odin at Ragnarok.
  • Mina: a middle-aged Middle Eastern woman who is unmarried, much to the chagrin of her traditional parents and siblings. Yearning to do something different with her life, she signs up for the Ultimate Tournament, betting that she can show her opponents what the power of sheer will can do.
  • Lyca: cursed by a demon to walk the earth in the form of a hunting dog, Lyca now just wants to rage against the world and all of its injustices. He hears about the Ultimate Tournament through the underground fighting scene, hoping to tear through his opponents with his claws and fangs.
  • Baser: much like Lyca, Baser was cursed to roam the earth in animal form. However, the Yin to Lyca’s Yang, Baser takes on the form of a cat, and much like any dog-cat combo can be found either teaming up or fighting with each other. Looking to right wrongs and win fights, Baser enters into the Ultimate Tournament, ready to shred opponents with her claws, teeth and small blades.

Can’t wait to get your hands on one now that you have been steeped in the lore? Make sure you follow our socials and join our Discord so you can be the first to know when these drop!



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